AI Video Analysis Cloud Service

Grasp Short Video Business Opportunities

Staying at the forefront of technology, mastering short video trends. Our AI audiovisual content analysis cloud service, powered by advanced AI technology, can automatically identify and analyze the speech, text, and scenes within short videos, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends on platforms like TikTok and Shorts. Beyond saving your valuable time and manpower, our real-time monitoring feature ensures you won't miss any important messages.

Meanwhile, our intelligent data analysis can assist you in conducting precise sentiment analysis and strategy formulation. By following our AI audiovisual content analysis cloud service, you can stay ahead in the short video market.

Fully automated

In this rapidly changing era of short videos, content is being updated every minute. Our AI audiovisual content analysis cloud service can continuously monitor all video content 24/7 throughout the year, ensuring you won't miss any moments of excitement or key information. No more need for manual searches or fixed-time checks – our system will work around the clock for you.


Through advanced AI image and voice recognition technology, our service can rapidly convert scenes, objects, dialogues, and more from audiovisual content into text format. This not only makes it easier for you to comprehend and analyze the content, but also allows you to accurately capture important topics and information. Whether it's trending slang or breaking news events, you can stay informed in real-time.


Not only limited to real-time analysis, our system can also perform real-time detection based on the keywords you have pre-set. Once any audio or video content matches these keywords, our system will immediately send you a notification via Line. No matter where you are, as long as your phone is nearby, you can stay updated on the latest relevant content at any time.

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Deep AI video content analysis cloud service

We present cutting-edge AI video content cloud analysis services. Firstly, leveraging our state-of-the-art intelligent optical character recognition technology and automatic speech recognition capabilities, video content is seamlessly transformed into machine-readable data. Lastly, our sophisticated intelligent data analysis module performs sentiment analysis and advertising effectiveness evaluations, empowering you to holistically grasp and harness invaluable insights from your video content.

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Advanced AI automated monitoring services

By utilizing advanced AI technology, we can significantly reduce manual monitoring time and enhance efficiency. This service can be used for sentiment analysis, advertising monitoring, and even identifying fake news, helping businesses gain a deeper understanding of public reactions and optimize strategies. Through automation and intelligent analysis, industries can save manpower and ensure real-time monitoring of video content, adapting to various changes.

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Real-time video search and monitoring

Users can instantly search for the latest news on the platform based on keywords. If monitoring keywords have been set, the system will notify users via EMAIL or Line immediately when relevant content appears. The platform also features text mining capabilities, allowing the extraction of personal, temporal, spatial, and factual information from articles using named entity technology. The analysis results are then presented on the dashboard through statistical reports.

Intelligent OCR Services

Automatic speech recognition

Scene recognition

Intelligent data analysis

Scenario of AI Video Content Analysis Cloud Service

Advertising monitoring

Advertising monitoring

In a highly competitive market, understanding and monitoring competitors' advertising strategies is extremely important. Through AI video content analysis cloud services, businesses can instantly capture advertising content on different platforms. Not only their own ads, but also competitors' ads can be analyzed, helping businesses evaluate ad effectiveness.

Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis

With the rise of social media, the public's reactions to brands and events can influence a company's image and business. Our AI service is capable of automatically identifying and tracking public comments and responses to specific topics or brands. By analyzing voice and text, businesses can instantly understand the direction of public opinion and promptly adjust strategies to respond to public relation crisis.

Influencer analysis

Influencer analysis

In today's market, influencers hold a significant position. Their every move can impact a large number of fans and consumers. Through our AI audiovisual content analysis cloud service, you can thoroughly analyze influencers' impact, audience demographics, content style, and alignment with brands. This will assist you in crafting more precise influencer collaboration strategies.