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Using artificial intelligence to analyze social big data on the cloud

InfoMiner is a real-time public opinion analysis platform that utilizes a distributed network crawler powered by LargitData Inc. to quickly monitor public opinion within 5 minutes of online information release. It allows you to stay on top of social media sentiment and uses built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to quickly analyze, condense, and summarize a large amount of public opinion information. This enables you to not only quickly gain the latest information on public opinion events, but also easily analyze the entire process of public opinion events through the big data cloud platform's dashboard from multiple perspectives.

Of course, if you need more timely sentiment analysis, you can also obtain it through email, Line, and other means. Whether you are a government, corporate public relations, or marketing department, InfoMiner is your best choice for social media monitoring and analysis. It is not only practical and reliable, but can also provide you with more analytical data, allowing you to better understand the market and consumers and make more informed decisions.



Through our real-time dashboard on this website, you can easily browse the latest news. And more. In addition, we also offer related analysis reports to help you gain a deeper understanding of the impact of each news.

Social Network Volume

Social Network Volume

Social network volume refers to the sum of discussions, comments, and shares on the internet about specific events, topics, or products. Through online volume, we can better understand people's interest and enthusiasm for specific events.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is a method to help you explore related words and phrases in a topic. By using word clouds, you can easily discover popular words related to the topic and further understand the role they play in your subject.

Social Data

Social Data

A public opinion list refers to a list compiled with all news, social media, etc., related to a specific topic. By analyzing important public opinion messages in the list, it is possible to better understand the public's opinions on the topic.

Geographical Analysis

Geographical Analysis

To better understand the discussion of a specific issue, we can take into account the geographical location. Through geographical analysis, we can determine which regions have higher levels of interest in the topic.

KOL Finding

KOL Finding

An effective online promotion strategy is to find opinion leaders in the topic, who can be internet celebrities, professionals, or social activists, and make them your brand spokesperson to help boost your efforts.

Management Team

The CEO of LargitData Co., Ltd., the company primarily offers big data products and analytical services. The company is committed to developing the InfoMiner public opinion analysis platform and providing various big data products and services to clients. Our clients currently span multiple fields including government, finance, and manufacturing industries. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is also a data scientist skilled in data analysis. Besides being proficient in using R, Python, and machine learning techniques for data analysis, he is also familiar with how to use big data platforms such as Hadoop and Spark to build large-scale data services. In his spare time, he enjoys sharing new knowledge about data science at various conferences. In order to enable more people to quickly learn about new developments in data science, he established LargitData University (, regularly sharing various data analysis techniques online. Additionally, he is also an author, and currently has written best-selling books such as Machine Learning With R Cookbook [Packt], Practical Machine Learning and R Language [Mechanical Industry Press], and R for Data Science Cookbook [Packt].

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of LargitData Co., Ltd., Brian holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Management from National Chengchi University. He has held key positions in numerous important roles, demonstrating exceptional leadership and professional expertise. As CTO, he leads the technology strategy and development roadmap, ensuring product technological innovation and competitiveness. In his role as research department manager at Catino Forum, he led significant development projects, collectively advancing technology. Moreover, he served as an engineer and data architect at Migo TV, familiar with large-scale software development and data management. His excellent academic background, diverse work experience, and outstanding leadership make him stand out. He inspires team members, encourages innovative thinking and continuous learning, and leads the team to achieve technological innovation and business growth.

Latest News

Top 500 High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific

LargitData | 2024-03-13

LargitData Inc is honored to announce that we have been ranked 328th among the top 500 companies in the 'Financial Times FT Ranking: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2024'. This ranking is a collaboration between the Financial Times and the renowned German data research firm Statista, and is based on the analysis of revenue growth data of companies in the Asia-Pacific region from 2019 to 2022.

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Building a Corporate Brain with AI

LargitData | 2024-01-08

Although ChatGPT can help enterprises improve work efficiency and simplify processes, its limitations in terms of professionalism, privacy, and integration are the main reasons why most enterprises have not been able to successfully integrate AI. This article introduces three AI integration strategies: model fine-tuning, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), and prompt engineering. By making good use of these three strategies, enterprises can successfully build an AI brain.

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AI Video Analysis Cloud Service

Commercial Times | 2023-09-24

With the rise of social media software, the attention of the next-generation consumer groups has gradually been captured by online videos, especially short videos. To sift through massive amounts of information and grasp the latest updates, one must rely on AI. LargitData Inc. has insightfully recognized this shift and has opportunistically developed an innovative 'AI Video Content Analysis Cloud Service'. It successfully won the affirmation of the 2023 Young Award from the CISA.

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Innovation in Automatic Speech Recognition

LargitData | 2023-07-22

In the digital era we live in, the development of artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. The advancement of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology is profoundly affecting and changing the way we interact with machines. What is ASR technology? How does it implement the function of voice to text? What changes will it bring to our lives? Let's get to know this most important voice technology of the artificial intelligence era together.

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Enhance public opinion analysis efficiency with ChatGPT!

LargitData | 2023-05-24

InfoMiner is the first cloud-based public opinion analysis platform in Taiwan that integrates ChatGPT, offering features such as article summaries, comment summaries, emotion calibration, article translation, custom commands, and public relations decision recommendations. Leveraging the power of ChatGPT, it enhances the efficiency and accuracy of public opinion analysis, including the inclusion of the 'Ask ChatGPT' feature in full-channel reports, the most accurate negative public opinion notifications, and lightning-fast article summarization.

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How can businesses utilize ChatGPT?

LargitData | 2023-04-11

With the advent of ChatGPT, businesses should recognize the significant transformation brought about by artificial intelligence early on, applying it to operations and the creation of new products to avoid becoming obsolete. Businesses can leverage their internal knowledge base to expand the capabilities of ChatGPT, improving its Q&A standards and avoiding issues related to professional jargon or processes. Businesses need to invest human resources in adjusting and optimizing the model to ensure it achieves the expected results.

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Social Listening

LargitData | 2023-03-21

In the era of big data, brands need social listening to understand their audience more deeply, helping brands understand industry status, competitive trends, popular trends, etc., thereby enhancing the trust between the brand and the audience. Mature social listening software, such as InfoMiner's Real-time Public Opinion Analysis Platform by DataSoft, can easily obtain various well-organized data to assist brands in formulating successful marketing and public relations strategies.

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ChatGPT: Automatic Sentiment Analysis Tool

LargitData | 2023-02-28

With ChatGPT in the field of public opinion analysis, tasks that once required a large amount of human investment, such as analyzing a large number of news reports, social media posts, and user comments, can now be automated. ChatGPT can help businesses and organizations better understand consumer needs, provide more comprehensive and objective analysis results, and enable companies and government agencies to better understand public reactions.

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Using ChatGPT to Evaluate Financial Services

LargitData | 2023-02-17

LargitDta Inc. will introduce the artificial intelligence technology ChatGPT into the 2023 China Times Financial Services Evaluation Awards. They will use ChatGPT to categorize and determine the positive, negative, or neutral aspects of collected online news sentiment, and then adjust the weighting based on the size of the bank to calculate the company's score. They hope to provide a more objective evaluation of financial services with this new artificial intelligence technology.

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Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence

LargitData | 2023-01-13

With the advent of artificial intelligence, not only can it replace human tedious work, but it can also automatically complete tasks that require human intelligence, such as computer vision, speech recognition, language understanding, and even decision-making. The current rapid development of artificial intelligence will completely change our way of life and work in the near future. But where does artificial intelligence come from? And what disruptive applications can it bring to industries?

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Mastering the Election Advantage with Online Public Opinion

LargitData | 2022-11-06

With less than 30 days left before the end-of-year elections, how can one stand out among many candidates? The importance of big data from the internet and social forums has been validated in recent years in both domestic and foreign elections. For example, in 2014, the political rookie and independent candidate Ko Wen-je relied on public opinion analysis and social network compaigns to ultimately overcome the odds and defeat all other candidates.

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Master Municipal Issues through Joint Supply Agreement Procurement

LargitData | 2022-07-06

In May 2022, LargitData Inc. has passed the First Computer Software Joint Supply Agreement Procurement of the 111th Year. Starting from June 1, 2022, by subscribing to public opinion analysis services through the joint supply agreement procurement, not only can you use the most convenient procurement method, but you can also receive notifications through the InfoMiner Real-time Public Opinion Analysis Platform within 15 minutes. You can easily master municipal news and hot topics of public concern and respond in real-time.

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InfoMiner launches on Taiwan Cloud Market

LargitData | 2022-04-20

InfoMiner Real-time Public Opinion Analysis Platform has been approved through multiple technical reviews, covering standards such as system stability, connection capacity, cloud computing performance, and information security risks. It has also passed the market performance evaluation of digital cloud services and is available on Taiwan's cloud platform. Enterprises can use InfoMiner Platform to obtain real-time, multi-dimensional visualized data reports to gain the market trends and seize potential opportunities in the changing environment.

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TV news real-time monitoring available

LargitData | 2022-05-24

LargitData Inc. continues to innovate in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence. In January 2021, it won the SiTi Taipei City Industrial Development Incentive Grant Program - R&D Grant through the development of technology for real-time monitoring of TV news. Unlike traditional TV monitoring that requires a large amount of manpower, LargitData Inc. uses innovative machine learning technology to enable real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis of TV news.

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Python Basics Course for Data Scientists

LargitData | 2022-05-23

This is a Python basics course for data scientists. Using Google's free online programming environment Colab, we will teach you from the very basics such as numbers and strings, to common data structures and control flows. If you are new to Python, you will definitely be able to enter the world of Python from 0 to 1 through the program implementation examples and exercises that we provide.

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Summoning Big Data to Help Ko Wen-je Win the mayor election

Economic Daily News | 2017-03-05

Established in July 2014, LargitData inc. mainly provides services such as cloud monitoring of online public opinion, cloud monitoring of network data, personalized recommendation engines, and big data analysis platform construction and analysis consulting. The team has won many awards such as the AngelHacks Taiwan championship, the Taiwan-Thailand cross-border hackathon championship, the cross-strait innovation roadshow excellence award, and the 2016 Information Month Top 100 Innovative Products award, demonstrating solid technical strength.

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LargitData Inc helps business to gain the value from data

bnext | 2017-12-01

Real-time social media analysis, ensuring important information is not missed - InfoMiner, The Real-Time Public Sentiment Analysis Platform uses distributed crawling technology to analyze the hottest topics from socila media , including Facebook, PTT, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, online forums, and online news media. By summarizing and condensing the key information every day, users can discover crucial information early and gain a competitive advantage.

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Social Network Analysis Platform helps Companies Gain Advantages

bnext | 2016-04-06

Knowing your enemy and yourself leads to victory in every battle. While this is an easy concept, the key is in how to execute it. Big data application is an important means to achieve this, which has spawned many startups. LargitData Inc. is one of them.Their InfoMiner public sentiment monitoring system provides users with intelligent data analysis value-added services, proactively providing users with daily summaries and condensed key information.

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