Buzz Alert - Social Media Based Disaster Alert Map

  • 大數學堂
  • Oct. 13, 2015, 11:44 p.m.

An early-warning system can save many people's lives from natural disasters. By mining the real-time message on the social network and location information of emergency center from open data, we make real-time disaster warning possible.

Do you know how to protect yourself from an earthquake or flood? Many people die in accidents and nature disasters for they simply do not how to protect themselves at the time being. Therefore, if the government can build up an early-warning system, many people can be saved from the devastating disasters.

Thanks to the social network, people nowadays can spread out real-time information more easily than ever before. Thus, we can alert our government if there is any occurring disaster within the country. Furthermore, we can integrate the information of open data, so that people can go to the nearest emergency center or shelter to seek help.

For above reasons, we build Buzz Alert, a social-media based alert map. The system automatically collects opinion data from the social network and mark the disaster information as a luminous spot on the map. Thus, the government would immediately know where and when the disaster is happening. Furthermore, we collect the location of the official emergency center, hospital, fire agency from open data, and mark the spot on the map. Hence, people who have the urgent need can go to the nearest emergency center nearby to seek help. Our utmost wishes are that government around the globe can use Buzz Alert to save lives from any disaster in the future.

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